About Jessica

I am a young artist, born and raised in Western New York. Many challenges have been set before me: I was born deaf and I am painfully shy. My parents divorced when I was 4 and in 2004, my father died of an alcohol-induced heart attack when I was 17. I have learned to accept and adapt to these various obstacles. Through these hurdles, I have become a stronger, more sensitive individual with a great love, hope, and joy. I have been blessed. Family and friends have believed in me and encouraged my artistic pursuit. In 2006, I won Reader's Choice Award from Gallaudet University for "Rainbow Artist": Very positive feedback for the first contest I entered. At the age of 19, I illustrated the cover of a technical book. Randy Dunham, a well-known local deaf artist, took me under his wing and encouraged me to put my ideas on canvas in 2007. I graduated from Rochester School for the Deaf in 2007. In 2008, Luvon Sheppard, a renowned Rochester artist, has been teaching me new skills and techniques and encouraging me to "push the envelope" to find my creative self. I was with him for few months. Through Randy and Luvon, I have grown greatly in the last few years. My art work has been spreading through Western New York to the homes of private collectors in Syracuse and the greater Rochester area. One of my first paintings, "Deaf Kiss," was purchased by the Rochester School for the Deaf.

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