Environment Paintings

New Yellow Submarine

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

The Flower and the Bug

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

Everything is interconnected. The rich hues of the flowers blend with the bright colors of the bug. The bug helps the flowers by passing pollen from flower to flower. And the flower provides food for the bug. Both flower and bug depend on each other for their very existence.

Flowers Are Like People

2008 - 11x14 in - Acrylic Paint

Like two demons in the night.

Cry for Help

2008 - 11x14 in - Acrylic Paint

The cities are polluted. Global warming continues to heat up the earth and create more natural disasters. These disasters are represented by the lightning. The blue man to the left depicts "pollution creating mankind." The blue figure on the right is the "voice of caution" trying to be heard. The Red Man cries because his cherished world is being destroyed. The answer lies on the cross to the right.

The Beach

2008 - 20x16 in - Acrylic Paint

Crying Mountain

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

The sky is red hot; so hot, it hurts our eyes. The big problem today is global warming. This world that was once snow and ice is now verdant green and watery blue. The Rock Man cries because others have messed up his world and he doesn't know what to do.


2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

The green and blue face represents the world as it was (blue) and now, after pollution (green, as in sickness.) The cigarette represents man-made pollutants. The Red Man being sucked in by the cigarette symbolizes human-kind being drowned in their own toxic waste. Unfortunately, many innocents also suffer.

Golden Fall

2007 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

The Secret Life of Plants

2007 - 22x28 in - Acrylic Paint

All plants: flowers, tree, and grasses, help to keep the world alive and well. Humans, animals, and factories give off CO2 (carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases) which is absorbed by plants. Plants keep the world cooler, provide food and shelter for humans and animals, and make the world a more beautiful place. That is the secret (and humble) way of plants.

Four Elements

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

Blue is for water.
Yellow is for electricity.
Pink is for beauty.
Green is for plants.

Copyright © 2007-, Art of Jessica Derleth