Fantasy Paintings

The Bright Night

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

Bridge to Dr. Suess' World

2008 - 22x28in - Acrylic Paint

Birthday Party

2007 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

Sweet Dream

2007 - Acrylic Paint

I am ready for an adventure with rabbit but feel safe with my beloved teddy bear.

The Cat Around My Head

2007 - 12x16 in - Acrylic Paint

Pets give you lots of love. Everyone needs to have one. Cats, especially, give lots of love, joy, and comfort. All things God wants us to have.

Beautiful Dream

2007 - 22x28 in - Acrylic Paint

I am inspired by awe and love. (The painting isn't for sale because it is for my mom).

Dream 2

2007 - 8x10 in - Acrylic Paint

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