People Paintings

Chief Joseph

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

The Red Man

2008 - 20x30 in - Acrylic Paint

The Flower Man

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

The truly blessed person (symbolized by hand on head) is open to nature and all his beauty. This person sees, tastes, smells, touches, and hears (through the pink and green sound waves) the beauty of nature. The opened blue hand in the foreground signifies openness to the world and oneself.


2008 - 8.5x12in - Silky Crayonon the paper

The Fancy Man

2008 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

Four Faces

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

Reflects on the relationship of people to one another.
They show love, joy and support.

Peace Dancer

2007 - 11x14 in - Acrylic Paint


2007 - 18x24 in - Acrylic Paint

Brave Girl

2007 - 22x28 in - Acrylic Paint

Many people look at this picture and laugh because it reminds them of someone after a night of drinking. Not so. This is a portrait of Joan of Arc, who inspired my confirmation name. St. Joan is dressed as a French soldier. She represents the times I feel like crying, that my heart is in my throat, but I am brave and carry on. The eyes have several meanings: I'm not perfect yet, I'm not sure which direction to go next, or one eye is here on earth, the other looking heaven-ward.

The Clown

2007 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

I painted the clown because I love clowns.

Deaf Kiss

2007 - Acrylic Paint

This work shows the emotions of different people. I chose the bright colors to show the energy of emotion that pulses through our lives. In the center are two people in love, their hearts are connected as one. But a strong relationship depends on more than love, it depends on the support and nurturing of others - both family and friends.

The Star Man

2007 - 8x10 in - Acrylic Paint

Good Vibrations

2007 - 22x28 in - Acrylic Paint

I am a deaf person, but I sometimes enjoy music and dancing. I feel vibration through my body, especially my throat and upper body. Music opens my heart and sets my spirit free. I paint with bright colors to express the joy and energy music brings into my world.

Copyright © 2007-, Art of Jessica Derleth