Self-Growth Paintings


2009 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

Let It Out

2008 - 11x14 in - Acrylic Paint

Many times he keep things inside and he needs
to let there emotion out more.

Secrets of the Mind

2008 - 15x30 in - Acrylic Paint

I am completely shrouded in purple (my favorite color). My starry eye navigates me to my deepest thoughts. Hidden emotions and feelings gush forth on a green wave of healing. The stream of red represents the release of positive energy when these emotions break free.

Deep in my Heart

2007 - 14x18 in - Acrylic Paint

Black represents fear and worry, the dark shadows of our souls. Red and purple represent the love and kindness that also resides in all of us.

Lonesome Bear

2007 - 14x18 in - Acrylic Paint

This is my favorite teddy bear, Joe. Pink represents love and white symbolizes peace. This protective wall is shattering. The eyes in the wall represent the worries of a young adult as she adventures into an unknown world and the eyes also represent a spiritual awakening.

Lost to Another World

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

I painted this picture to show my feelings of fear and worry after graduating from RSD (Rochester School for the Deaf.) I had attended RSD since I was 15 months old. I represent that world as a steady place of black and white. As you can see, I expect a soft landing into my new steady world. The purple denotes the kindness of others. In any transition, the help of others can make the change easier.

Worldly Worries

2007 - 14x18 in - Acrylic Paint

Nothing is perfect. Many things are unclear. Things are unraveling. This can be construed as the world or one's self. Earthy colors are used to signify the earth and also murkiness.

Copyright © 2007-, Art of Jessica Derleth