Spiritual Paintings

The Kingdom of Spirits

2008 - 16x20 in - Acrylic Paint

Wonderful Spirit

2008 - 24x36 in - Acrylic Paint

I'm trying to express the joy of childhood and the exhilaration of freedom (like flying with Peter Pan). Left behind are the worldly worries of bills and jobs. The essence of the white figure (looking out the window) has been sucked from him by these worries, but he looks on with joy, remembering the times of his childhood. The wooden figure in the foreground reverberates with joy and excitement. An orange burst of energy shoots from her heart, encompassing her and all around her.

In the Beginning

2007 - 18x24 in - Acrylic Paint

God created the planets and Adam and Eve. Satan, the Great Liar, is dressed in white with a friendly smile. He hovers above Adam and Eve waiting for a weakness. Adam and Eve raise their hands to heaven in praise of God. The door with the ying-yang symbol represents the door to good or evil. The narrower door to the left leads to heaven.

The Sound of Heaven

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

In Heaven is a joyful, peaceful, loving place. Everyone in heaven is filled with joy and peace. All dwelling in heaven will experience the beautiful sound of God's music.

Three Angels and the Ghost

2007 - 22x28 in - Acrylic Paint

The ghost is my father, Vincent Derleth, who died on November 16, 2004 at the age of 53 from a heart attack. (He was a heavy drinker and smoker).

I chose turquoise for the sky because it is symbolic of healing powers, forgiveness, and peace. The three angels are denoted in orange to reflect their life, energy, and love. The angels bring my father to heaven and bring me peace.

Sending Prayers to Heaven

2007 - 20x24 in - Acrylic Paint

This picture depicts the various ways people pray. The black figure at the right depicts someone whose prayers are blocked through fear, hatred, or any other shadow upon our soul. The circles of prayer represents our eternal relationship with God. God's eye watches all and the figures' faces match the pattern around God's eye because we are God's children and made in His likeness. I tried to reflect different cultures in the background, such as the Asian red and gold and the Greek togas to show that God watches over and loves all. Red symbolizes love and gold symbolizes a pure heart, which makes a direct connection with God in their prayers.

Copyright © 2007-, Art of Jessica Derleth